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Is it a good thing LEDs don''t emit UV radiation?

by Renesola Canada

Posted on 2017-06-07 10:04:06

Is it a good thing LEDs don''t emit UV radiation?

While the advantages of LED Lighting always refer to massive savings in power consumption, reduced heat, and lamp longevity, it’s also important to mention the advantage that LEDs emit practically no ultraviolet light. While other lighting technologies always emit some ultraviolet radiation, because of the precisely and scientifically controlled manufacturing of LED lights there is no wasted energy emitted that is potentially harmful and unpleasant to the eye. This is also crucially important in photo-sensitive environments such as areas with artworks that can be damaged from UV exposure, or supermarkets where UV can degrade perishable food.

But what is UV? Ultraviolet is named so because on that is the color that is perceived by a packet of light traveling at a certain frequency of wavelength. Compared to the other visible colors, they are extremely tiny and short wavelengths.

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